Vangaucho Story



10 liter jug of water frozen solid, a messy van that needs constant organizing is left is disarray. Taylor lays in the back on a crudely built bed. Bundled up in his warmest layers, his breath condenses on the window and freeze. He is cold, tired and still wondering about his next move. He looks to his phone and notices he has a text message from Madi. "Want to shred? I'm on the Canyons side at 9990?" Taylor replies back, with haste, "See you in 30 min." Taylor and Madi had been getting together many times a week to ski. If one was on the slopes the other would text the other to meet up and enjoy some turns together. Taylor was a manager at a non- profit that dealt with clients at Park City Mountain Resort and the Canyons. Madi was an adaptive snowboard instructor at the same organization.  

The two were the only Utah locals that worked at the organization and could keep up with each other on the slopes. You would be surprised at how many "ski instructors" cannot keep up after hours in the steep trees. They would take pictures together and all over social media. Taylor and Madi were best friends from the time they met. Both just ending long relationships and feeling out single life. The way they found each other was fateful. Now that these two could keep up together when it came time to play, was the icing on the cake. 

One very cold winter day, Taylor had a day off from working 14 days straight and needed a day to relax, read a book and ponder his own endeavors. He had been taking pictures and posting them onto social media. This was a fun outlet to share his experiences with others. As he sat in his van and pondered ways to share a deeper story, than just a edited photo on social media. Taylor set out to make a website he could share his pictures and stories on a more intimate level. He noticed people just scrolling through pictures and not understanding the stories behind the effort that went into taking a great picture. This is when was born in the back of a frozen van.