The Teton Range


Jackson Wyoming and climbing The Grand

    Out in the uncharted BLM land of Jackson Wyoming, we awoke in our tent to the maddening sound of the alarm, reminding us of the adventure we had come for.  Squinting open my heavy campfire eyes, I stared through the mesh above. The air was humid and the sky silver, a looming storm postponed for its afternoon strike. Climbing out of the tent caused the dew from our deep sleep breathing to trickle down the back of my neck.  The view outside the tent was motivation enough to get into gear.  What we were forced to admire, was the mountain that we intended on conquering. The Grand Tetons stood dauntlessly, staring back our way as if to egg us on.  

Before heading to the mountains, we hit the town of Jackson for one very important reason, to find and consume coffee. Coffee is very important to us, especially before a wilderness undertaking. Caffeinated and enthusiastically jamming out to various styles of music, we slowly rounded the corner that lead us to the beast. The Teton Range have a powerful energy, something that makes you feel determined and discouraged all at the same time. Dark clouds overshadowed the sun and rain trickled lightly on the windshield, Taylor mentioned bringing along rain gear in my pack, he is the details guy.


Off we went up the trail with a fair amount of elation in each step. Chattering up the mountain, this was something we had both craved to do since we were young. The trail was more uncomplicated than we had imagined and we kept waiting to turn a corner to a steeper section. We seemed to be almost gliding up the mountain with little effort, probably more from excitement and mountain intoxication than anything else.  As we trekked on, we began to catch and pass groups of people. Winding up and up we passed a gorgeous icy river and began hopping through boulder fields. Then it began to really rain. The rain felt stunningly wonderful, it ran down our bodies fast and cold, soaking our sun baked Utah skin.

There it stood, the Grand Tetons. Immaculate and powerful, rain pounding down upon it relentlessly. We needed to turn around and return back to the dry Subaru, but the view was taking over reason. I tried to capture the moment while still spiraling up the switchbacks knowing that Taylor would alert me that we needed to turn back soon, before the storm took a dangerous turn. I took off my trucker hat and threw it on backwards to get a better look, what a view it was.

As we departed the Tetons, we decided to use the energy we had received from this landscape to get us back to safety. We ran hard, we ran the whole way down to the dry car. Rain flying off our bodies from acceleration, jumping and turning down rocks and tight corners. The wind a slow breeze, to bursts of power and then back to a gentle touch all in the same minute. Laughing and feeling strong the whole way down, barely noticing other people on the same trek. Arriving at the car we felt strong, what we had just seen was something out of the ordinary. These mountains have a mysterious aura about them. The Teton range is something everyone should experience in their own way; it is one of the most majestic mountain ranges I have ever seen.