Taylor Davis 





Taylor Davis was raised in the shadow of the Wasatch mountain range in Salt Lake City, Utah. Gazing upon their majesty, Taylor soon found out about the local bus route to access their depth when he was young. Packing his pack with all the necessities he needed for each adventure, he set off. Reading his Black Diamond catalogs and learning the art of climbing as well as diving head first onto the slopes of Alta and Snowbird. Soon enough Taylor was working for Snowbird as a parking attendant at the age of 17. He will tell you that he parked cars for work, but his goggle tan told another story.

His boss, a former Grateful Dead roadie, noticed his work ethic and allowed him to escape into the steep of the resort, he knew cars didn't need to be parked after the rush of tourists and locals. He took out the passenger seat of his 1989 Honda Prelude and slept in the Snowbird parking garage most nights. Taylor missed 2 days of skiing that season... His mom wanted him home for holiday and his fathers birthday.

After a season of powder Taylor went back to landscaping and odd jobs during the summer months. In the summer of 2007 Taylor joined the United States Marine Corps. Stationed on the coast of Southern California at Camp Pendleton, Taylor found that in his spare time he loved the ocean. He bought a 1985 Toyota pickup truck and a body board and surfboard and taught himself a new lifestyle. Surfing and being on the beach was a great relief from his day job of being a Marine.

Taylor deployed in 2009 and was able to travel to Hawaii, Guam, Thailand, Dubai, Jordan, Israel, Egypt, Djibouti, Somalia, Kenya, and the Phillipines. This is where his thirst for traveling and love of culture flourished. He vowed to travel again, but on his own time.

Taylor discharged honorably from the Marine Corps in 2011 and started his studies in life and college. He attended Helicopter flight training for one year and switched his focus to Geography. Still working full time and attending school he learned the meaning of balance of work and play. He became a fly fishing guide and paid his bills by flipping fly line in the Provo, Green, and Strawberry Rivers. He didn't seem to mind it either. He continued to fly fish, climb mountains and shred  in the Wasatch Mountains.

After a year of guiding Taylor wanted to simplify even more. He packed his backpack and became a wilderness therapy guide. This is when Taylor took to the dirtbag life and lived out of the back of his Subaru full time. He took a year and lived with the things he could fit inside of his car. A challenge he found to be rewarding beyond his wildest dreams. Spending 8 days working in the Manti La Sal Mountains during summer and wandering the San Rafael Swell Desert in the winter, his guiding days were enjoyed by his 6 days of rest to wander in his Subaru. Sleeping under the stars in Indian Creek, Utah to Starring at the Teton range, Taylor lived by the motto, "work hard, play hard."

After a year of dirtbag living, Taylor then moved to Park City, Utah to work for a non-profit organization working in adaptive recreation. He managed a team that assisted families of wounded military veterans to become active again after the harshness of war. Teaching skiing, mountain biking, fly fishing, rock climbing and many other activities. This is when Taylor bought "THE VAN" and moved from living in the Subaru to his new van.

At this time is when Taylor met his beautiful partner Madison. She was a ski instructor at the same organization. She fell in love with Taylor's thirst for adventure and the fact that he lived in a van. They enjoyed skiing Utah powder, winters in the Moab desert and him teaching her the essence of living a simple dirt bag lifestyle.

Madison and Taylor are currently enrolled in college full time for Special Education while student teaching in Park City, Utah.