Madison Bruschke



    Madison is a Utah Native with a thirst for adventure. Ever since she was a young girl, Madison has spent most of her time outside.  She enjoyed playing soccer and running track, which she dedicated all of her free time to. When Madison was about eleven years old she had the opportunity to fly out to California and play soccer for a movie with some of her soccer idols (Mia Hamm, Julie Fowdy, and Brandy Chestain). She gladly took this opportunity. At the time her dreams were to eventually move to a busy town in California and spend her time at the ocean and enjoy city life. 

    When she became a teenager her and her family moved to the outskirts of a mountain town. They lived in a small woodsy neighborhood full of pine trees, moose and a crew of crazy boys.  At first Madison was devastated to move out of the City and into the woods. Then, she got a chance to spend some time in Alaska with her Uncle. They flew in a bush plane, floated down the Talkeetna river, and lived out of a bag for a couple weeks. She was hooked on this new lifestyle idea. When she returned home, she decided to embrace the new mountain living. She was soon introduced to snowboarding and fell instantly in love. Her passions began to alter and instead of going to soccer practice, she was most likely found shredding the mountain. As for track, that quickly transformed into running the gorgeous trails of the mountains. She also became very interested in mountain biking, and setting up sketchy rope swings in the neighborhood.

            After high school Madison moved out and spent a couple of years bussing tables at night, and shredding powder in the day, all day, every day. During this time she still enjoyed running, camping, and the occasional rock climbing. Wanting to combine her passions of helping others and shredding powder, she began to work for a company that provides adaptive recreation.  While working there she helped assist and teach people of all abilities (Autism, down syndrome, amputations, wounded warriors, etc.), how to snowboard, rock climb, bike, and participate in archery. While working there a few things happened, she became very into ultra-running and she also met her life partner, Taylor!

Her life adventure became much more exciting. Taylor has showed Madison the ropes, quite literally when it comes to the climbing world, specifically trad climbing. In turn Taylor has also ran a couple of fifty mile ultra-marathons with Madison. They have had many adventures since they met, building up a van, experiencing the West Coast, and dirtbagging and adventuring whenever possible.  Madison is now currently a full time student studying special education and working in a special education classroom, with the goal to teach abroad and travel the world with her life partner.